05.22.14 ::: DAYTROTTER SESSION (live studio recording)::: 

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03.07.14 ::: FOURCULTURE MAGAZINE (show review) ::: 

03.07.14 ::: SECRET SOUND SHOP (album review) ::: 

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03.04.14 ::: FOURCULTURE MAGAZINE ::: 

03.04.14 ::: NEW YORK SPY ::: 


"Joseph King's solo album "Wanderlusting" is a stripped down, lo-fi affair with a vintage feel to it.  This little step towards minimalism serves to highlight Joseph's passion and charm as a songwriter in a big way."  ~ Loris Lowe, DJ KGSR and KLBJ (Austin, TX)


02.04.14 ::: ROLLING STONE :::


12.11.13 ::: THE VILLAGE VOICE ::: 


12.11.13 ::: WILD HONEY PIE ::: 


12.11.13 ::: DONYC.COM ::: 


12.04.13 ::: NEXT PODCAST ::: http://allthingsnext.com/2013/12/04/week-397-12_04_13/

Rock n Roll is not dead.  It’s alive and well in the form of Joseph King. His stage presence is colossal, captivating, charming. He is not a one trick pony.  Straight forward rock.  Soulful and funky.  Quiet, pensive, thoughtful acoustic tracks too.  He has much to offer from his bag of tricks."  ~ Chris Bro/ NEXT Podcast



12.04.13 ::: GOODBYE BABYLON :::

" While it’s been a long, strange trip for Joseph King, he may have just finally found what he has been looking for. He made one thing abundantly clear during an intimate career-spanning acoustic set in the basement of Rockwood Music Hall a couple of weeks – the man can flat out write songs..."  ~ Tim Gibb/Goodbye Babylon

11.23.13 ::: AFTER THE SHOW ::: http://aftertheshow.wordpress.com/2013/11/23/joseph-king/

05.15.13 ::: THE VILLAGE VOICE :::