Joseph King


“But don't be so alarmist

What they don't know cannot harm us

I won't try to save you

Just lock the door and I’ll entertain you”


    With a career spanning multiple genres, labels, cities and even continents, Joseph King’s music defines a decade-long journey of love, heartbreak, and reckless discovery.  The prolific singer, songwriter and former front man of two successful bands--Deadbeat Darling and Canvas-- steps into the limelight with the launch of his debut solo LP, aptly titled Wanderlusting.  

I feel like this LP is finally fully manifesting a sound and style, rather than compromising and fitting the sound of an album to the instrumentation of a rock band,” he says, “a sort of 60's surf rock meets modern indie sound.  Sincere and romantic for sure, but a bit dirty and promiscuous too.”

Forming his first band at 19 while a student at Stanford University, the Austin native made his way back home to re-craft what eventually became the band Canvas, infusing it with local Austin musicians, and over the next 7 years, put out 4 albums and toured incessantly, becoming one of the best drawing bands in Texas.  When his own “wanderlusting” got the better of him, he made his way to New York City, performing and writing everywhere he could, charming audiences large and small with his earthy voice and songs teeming with sensual beats and scorching lyrics.     

    He created Deadbeat Darling, put out three albums and over the next six years, turned it into one of the strongest drawing bands on the indie music scene, selling out the Bowery Ballroom four times and eventually landing a record deal with the UK-based Spearhavoc Records.  Joseph spent much of 2011 and 2012 bouncing back & forth across the Atlantic with his band mates and recorded Deadbeat Darling’s final album “the Angel’s Share” with producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay/Paolo Nuitini) in South Wales. 

In early 2013, with the label out of money and his band winding down, he began writing and recording his first solo album, collaborating with longtime friend, fellow musician and studio owner Drew Nix.  Tucked away in Drew’s Bird Creek Studios in the woods of upstate New York, Joseph found much-needed solace and creative inspiration.  “Drew and I both grew up playing in the Austin music scene together, so there’s a ton of history there.  We basically spent most of the summer recording the album for days at a time, working long daytime hours and spending long nights drinking and listening to old vinyl and the loud pulse of the creatures around us.”

What followed was a collection of 8 songs that are almost like photographs-- each a concise vignette with an in-the-moment feel, quiet urgency and playful attitude.

“2012 was quite dark,” says Joseph. “Relationship, label, band, all came crashing down—a slow burn to the ground over the course of several months.  I decided to celebrate in mischief, irreverence and beauty as opposed to looking backwards into the darkness.” He adds, “The songs are inspired by an adventurous and indulgent spring and summer in New York, but also one of healing and acceptance of the ultimate deterioration of a past life. Wanderlusting.”

Wanderlusting will be released on March 4, 2014 on RockArmy Records.